Use Bed Guards to Protect Your Kid

Published: 12th May 2011
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Once your baby is old enough to sleep alone, you would probably be considering changing him to a separate bed. You may also be worried about the safety of your kid when placing him alone on a bed for the first time. Bed guards for kids would be the common suggestion. But many parents are not very favorable to the idea of using bed guards for toddlers, since they feel the baby may find it too restrictive. That is not a reason to worry because bed guards are essential for the safety of your child. And with a wide range of choices, you can choose the one you feel most convenient.

Why your kid needs a bed guard

So do not think twice about using bed guards for kids. There are many reasons why you should set up a bed guard for your baby. A good bed guard prevents your toddler from injuring himself by falling down from the bed. This is important especially if your kid has a habit of tossing and turning on bed while at sleep. Such kids are more likely to fall and get injured. Keeping a bed guard on both sides of the bed will provide your kid with a barrier on both sides of the bed which will prevent the toddler from falling to the floor and can prevent injury.

Many parents would be familiar with the situation when their kid falls down from the bed. Besides sustaining injuries, it also wakes them up abruptly and is likely to be disturbed the whole night. They begin to feel distressed and the mood is carried over to the next day. This is another reason why it is wise to purchase bed guards for toddlers. It prevents the kid from going through the trauma that can result from a broken nightís sleep.

Even if you prefer to let your kid sleep with you, a bed guard can be effective in case you need to keep a constant eye on the kid. There are foam guards available nowadays which can be used for this. The greatest advantage of foam guards is that they have no railing and are lightweight and portable. All it needs is to be placed under the mattresses on both sides of the baby. This makes an efficient barrier between parents and the kid as well as preventing any chances of either of you rolling onto the child and hurting him.

What to consider before you buy a bed guard

Before you go about buying a bed guard for the kid, you will have to consider a few things. You must consider the style of your bed so that you can decide on the one that is right for it, because there are various types of guards designed for various types of beds. Very importantly, you must take your kidís behavior while he sleeps into account. If your child tends to be fidgety in bed, you will want to consider buying one that stretches through the whole length of the bed. You can consider buying a portable one in case you travel different places often.

It is important to choose the best bed guards for kids that makes him safe & comfortable. Check out our website for more details here: bed guards for toddlers.

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