The Benefits of Bed Rails

Published: 09th September 2011
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Bed rails are commonly used to keep children safe at night. They are an addition to the child’s bed which acts as a barrier to keep them in their beds at night. They come in various shapes and sizes and they might also be called children's bed guards or bed guardrails.

Some bed rails will be large wooden barriers which are fixed to the side of the bed with some sort of bracket. Whilst these are effective they are quite cumbersome and can be hard to fit. The other disadvantage is that they can be difficult to keep putting on and taking off the bed when you are needing to read bed time stories or when you want to get close to your child in some other way.

Another type of bed rail is a more lightweight material that is part meshing and part plastic frame to give the bed rail its shape. These again are effective although they can be a little bit flimsy and prone to breaking. The advantage of these ones are that they are lightweight and a bit easier to fit. This therefore aids them being put on and taken off again when you need to get closer to your child.

There are also inflatable tubes that act as guards to keep the child in bed. These usually come with special sheets in which to fit the inflatable tubes on the edge of the bed. These tubes do not come up as high as the traditional wooden bed guards or the rails with the more fixed frame. This is preferred by many parents as there is less of a feeling of being penned in by the child.

At this stage in the child’s development they are wanting to start to feel like big children rather than still feel like babies with large cot sides keeping them in their beds.

A good alternative style of bed rails that really make the kids feel like big children is the foam bed guard. This is a wedge of foam that is designed to be fitted under the normal bed sheet. This way the sheet will keep it in place and the bed guard sits very discreetly under it. This way you get the best of both worlds. Your child is protected by the effective barrier formed by the foam wedge but they also feel like they are in their own big bed without being penned in like a cot.

In addition it means that you can read stories and tend to your child in other ways without having to keep fixing and unfixing the bed guard. Because it is made from foam you can sit on it whilst you read the story for example and when you get up it will spring back into its original shape.

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